Are you free?

This post was inspired by another post of Sean Ogle on his blog.

Its only you who can make your freedom.
OK, in some countries and under certain conditions you can not. But I suppose if you can read this blog, you are able to create your own freedom.
It is your own mind that refuses you your freedom. It brings up lots of different obstacles,  objections and wrong believes.

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To day I decided to start a new life!!

“Ha,ha!”, that is what you are going to say, “We all did this and see what happened? NOTHING, nothing at all!”

Yes that’s right, I made the decision a couple of times. Some 10 years ago, just 5 years ago and here I am again. This time I took some advice by heart and started to think about the new life I want to start. Not just how cool it will be or what I will do when I have more money. No, thinking about exact numbers and definite time frames.

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