To day I decided to start a new life!!

“Ha,ha!”, that is what you are going to say, “We all did this and see what happened? NOTHING, nothing at all!”

Yes that’s right, I made the decision a couple of times. Some 10 years ago, just 5 years ago and here I am again. This time I took some advice by heart and started to think about the new life I want to start. Not just how cool it will be or what I will do when I have more money. No, thinking about exact numbers and definite time frames.

If you add up the numbers you get easily overwhelmed with the sum.
But if you break it down into small pieces it becomes doable.

Sure there is no easy way to get where I want to be, there will always be hard work and hard thinking, but if the system I’m going to set up is built on a sound base and is maintained correct, it will provide me with an unbelievable amount of money over a relatively short period of time (about 15 years).

The system is called “The Revenge of the Psychobilly Cadillac” and it works together with another system called Project Playground. Which, together, are a very strong and doable concept.

The name “The Revenge of the Psychobilly Cadillac” is derived from a music genre which is a fusion of multiple genres like punk rock, garage rock, rockabilly, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and some more. As the first representative for this music genre the band “The Cramps”, formed in 1972, is usually named. They took the name for their music style from a Johnny Cash song called “One piece at a Time”, which describes the construction of a Psychobilly Cadillac built out of stolen car parts, which the owners stole at the factory they worked at.

Don’t worry you will not be required to steal anything from factories, you may borrow ideas or use only your own.
As long as you can think of a way to make some money out of it, they will do.

Then comes the second concept into play. You start to use a playground project for your idea. This playground project is set up on an odd domain name without any proper design, the barest content needed to test your idea and almost no advertising copy. You fiddle around on your idea and concept until you’re getting to see results.

Then you tear down the playground and start to set up the idea as a proper project. This means you have to decide on a good name, you ponder about a good design, you polish your advertising copy and you put as much great content in as you can and like. And you actually start to advertise this domain/product/idea.

Next time I’m talking about how to I get my dreams on paper or in a spread sheet just to know where I’m heading and how long I plan to get there.

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