Are you free?

This post was inspired by another post of Sean Ogle on his blog.

Its only you who can make your freedom.
OK, in some countries and under certain conditions you can not. But I suppose if you can read this blog, you are able to create your own freedom.
It is your own mind that refuses you your freedom. It brings up lots of different obstacles,  objections and wrong believes.


What was really meant was the freedom of thought and mind that limits your life and development.
And this is well within your reach to change. But it takes effort, and it will put you in discomfort, which it actually not is, it just feels like that.
You are in a state of wrong safety and imaginary freedom. You ignore some unpleasant circumstances and turn them, in your mind, into a necessary evil.

If you can get rid of all of these necessary evils you will get a sense of real freedom.


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